David Toms Academy

This is the latest project that we are working on.

As we begin the early stages of development of the David Toms Golf Academy, we would like to express the basic idea of what we want to achieve. Much like the First Tee programs that have developed throughout the country, the DT Golf Academy would provide underprivileged youth in the Shreveport/Bossier area the opportunity to learn the game of golf and its many values. The DT Golf Academy will use golf to promote character development in the youth of our community.

Basic Goals:

  • Provide a teaching center for underprivileged children in order to introduce the game of golf to those who otherwise may not have that opportunity, making golf accessible and affordable to all youth.
  • Teach the proper etiquette, rules, history, and traditions of the game of golf to our youth.
  • Through golf, we can teach important values such as honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship.
  • Partner with area schools, the Lighthouse, and other organizations to provide additional after school programs

Tip of the Week

To hit a low punch shot to avoid those tree limbs or get through the wind play the ball farther back in your stance than normal. Keep the club face closed and keep your hands ahead of the ball at address and impact. Take a slightly abbreviated backswing and remember to follow through.

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